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“Listening Inspires” - an origin story

A non-profit organisation to support the emergence of a fair and sustainable world

In 2019, a small team gathered and launched the Listening to the Earth movement – an invitation to tune-in to Earth’s wisdom to guide policy decisions on the environment and to reconnect with Nature as a foundation for a sustainable future…

In the spring of 2020, it became natural to take the next step by creating the non-profit organization: Listening Inspires. This blog article describes how this step emerged, how we see it unfolding, and how you can join the adventure.

A year since the launch of Listening to the Earth, the invitation is spreading, with hundreds of individuals around the world heeding and sharing that call in high level political events such as the UN Climate Summit last September and the Madrid UNFCCC COP, and in our everyday lives. All this was done with no resources other than the powerful commitment of the little team that brings the Listening to the Earth movement to life.

The global pause that COVID 19 has called the world into has been a moment of reflection and creativity for the Listening to the Earth team. One in which we felt the urge to do much more.

We wished to spread much farther the invitation to be Listening to the Earth, especially as the red light warnings of the planetary emergency are flashing stronger than ever and the post-COVID recovery provides us with a unique opportunity to pave the way for a fairer world, grounded in a respectful and mutually nurturing relationship with Nature.

We felt that these efforts must be nourished by the powerful energies of love and joy, that the peoples of this world may not only achieve the vision embodied in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030, but also reach the ultimate goal all humans thrive for: to experience love and joy. We wished to make SDG 0 – the SDG of love and joy, a fundamental component of Agenda 2030.

We wished to support the change makers thriving to make the world a more harmonious, joy-inducing place, and reach out to those of us who are aching from experiencing or witnessing the suffering in the world. We feel the anger that comes from experiencing and witnessing the ravages of war, racism, inequity. We know and have experienced the burn-out of those who give their all to support victims of war, natural disasters, forced migration, disease and other plights. We see and feel the eco-anxiety that weighs on our hearts and stifles action. We feel the grief that comes from seeing forests burn down, waters choked with plastic, animals disappearing from this earth. We see the dulling of the senses that can crust-up one’s relationship to the world when it is all too much to cope with. But we also know that Life offers us powerful ways to connect to our deeper Source of creativity, power and joy. We know that connecting to this inner Source can transform our relationship to the world and transform the way we act in the world, allowing us to act from a space of love, compassion and joy.

Listening Inspires was therefore created to address the interface between our inner world and the outer world. It is an invitation to listen to ourselves, to each other, and to Nature. It is an invitation to inspire in all senses of the word: inspire as breathing in, connecting to the Life force within and around us, and inspire as the outward movement that radiates a vision and sets things in motion from within and without, fueled by our hearts, mind, soul and Life.

And so we are here today and invite you to join us in this journey and share the invitation to be listening...

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