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Who We are

Listening Inspires is a rich network of professionals who serve in the areas of environmental activism, humanitarian action, sustainable food systems, peace and security, communications, academia, business, gender studies, and arts.


We are united by our common conviction that the inspirations and wisdom needed to address the complex challenges the world faces today can emerge when we learn to better listen – to our deeper selves, to each other and to Nature.

Who we are

Our Vision


We seek to inspire change that leads to a fairer and more harmonious world, grounded in a profound awareness of the interconnectedness of all Life.


We seek to create bridges between the energy of activism, the wisdom that comes from listening, and the policy processes that define our world’s present and future.


We are inspired by the unwritten Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of love and joy, which is both the ultimate goal we all seek to achieve and the activator of the 17 other SDGs. We call it SDG 0, as it forms the foundation of Agenda 2030.

Our Visions

Our Values and Principles

We share the values of compassion, openness of mind and heart, inclusivity and respect for others, perseverance and integrity. We are committed to caring for our planet and all who live on it, and to living life as a perpetual opportunity for personal growth – connecting, learning, creating and sharing.

Our values and principles

Who We serve

We combine our professional expertise, life experience and exploration of new forms of listening to support other change-makers working in government, civil society organisations, humanitarian sector, businesses and academia.

We also wish to support and mentor the future policy and decision makers and emerging leaders amongst the youth.

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Who we serve
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